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"Mega" is a word meaning big or large. Zeen...zeen means nothing really. It's a misspelling of a word that was unnecessarily shortened to begin with. So I guess if you think about it, in a way, Megazeen means big-nothing. (Or maybe not, but simply for the sake of my next sentence let's say it does.) But Megazeen has been far from a big-nothing for many people.

Little did we know that, back in late 2001, God would use this shoddily crafted little xeroxed "zine" as a platform for some REALLY talented cartoonists. And more so that it would effect people like it has. We're blessed and we know it.

Here's the deal - we love Jesus, we love comics, and we want to plow this counterculture. For those of you who are experiencing Megazeen for the first time, know that we strive to express the Biblical truths through comics and cartoons that are creative and boundary pushing. It is our belief that creative stagnation and compromise is a disease that believing artists and writers have contracted and not cared for for far too long. Our opinion is if you're not moving forward you're slipping back.

Our slogan since the beginning has been "Christian comics without the cheese". Whether or not we've accomplished our non-cheesey mantra is up for debate, but I can with an honest heart say that it is and has been our goal to choose to showcase artists and writers that take simple conclusions and unlived in viewpoints and turn them on their ear.

As we continue this calling, mission...whatever, know that we will prayerfully, humbly, and earnestly strive to bring you creative thought provoking comics that bring the Father glory.

Your very best pals in the whole world,
Joey and Joseph

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