Colossians Art For Sale
So you think you got what it takes?

Then you just might! Hey, let's get your stuff out there, let's chat! At the VERY least, we'll post your submission to the website for a few weeks. At the very most you'll be the next rock star artist, and you'll move on to make millions of dollars and really cool action figures and get someone else to draw for you and peel your grapes and you'll forget all about us (sniff, I thought you liked us, sob). Until you have to declare bankruptcy because you bought so many stoopid baseballs.

There are three different types of submissions. For us to consider using any of them, we just need a few simple rules followed:

1. Intro art. That's the stuff you send in just to show us a sample of what you do, such as pinups or previous work. Just email in some stuff and let's see! Share the love!

2. Print submission. Once we see your stuff and give the green light, we'll need work suitable for printing. For this, WE NEED either HIGH-RES (minimum 300dpi) DIGITAL TIF's or PDF's. Hard copies are acceptable if the work is clear and easy to scan, but not preferred. We're all black and white, so no color for the print copy. The Megazeen is NOW STANDARD COMIC SIZED, ultimately 6.625 x 10.25 (leave some room for boarder and bleed). This means you gotta scale your art accordingly. They finally shrink down to about 6.125 X 9.75 (to make room for a quarter inch boarder). So watch the teeny weeny details and teeny weeny lettering- it may not print well!

3. Online comics. Obviously you'd submit it electronically, and provide notes on how it should be presented. This is an area we REALLY want to grow!

4. Covers. At this time, covers are by invitation only. However, any unsolicited cover art is still appreciated, and might be used as clip art, or you might just get lucky.

Each artist will have a different way of saying things- that's what makes it cool! Any genre is fine. I'm not going to get rule-happy with the content that we will and will not accept. We just ask you to take it to prayer first, all the time. And no nekkid vampire chicks. And don't make it cheesy. God hates cheese. Ultimately, what we're looking for are some standalone, self-contained strips of good tight quality. Give it some edge! Have fun with it! Avoid the cliche's, predictability, Brady Bunch type endings, sappy dialogue, spoon-fed preaching. There's no reason at all you can't drive a point home and still be entertaining. Be clever, for crying out loud!

We'd like to see any of your stuff, just to get the ball rolling. Either scan it (jpeg format, not to exceed 1MB) and email to or mail it to:

c/o Joe Endres
14 George St.
Butler, NJ 07405

MANY artists have moved on from this page and are now official Megazeen artists! That means: we saw your art, we liked it, and we got something we can put into the 'Zeen itself! Imagine, your art for an audience of tens of thousands... well, tens anyway.

Now, you might be wondering, what's in it for you, what's in it for us.

As the creative party, YOU retain all rights to your characters, stories and artwork. You keep the originals, or request them back once we go to print if you've sent them in. They're your work and we make that clear in the zeen. Megazeen simply retains the right to print and reprint the work as it deems fit, for any work submitted and accepted for use. You get exposure and experience, we get some cool comics to print, the world gets the chance to see your work, and we all make a few friends. (BTW- This is a very fluffy of way of hinting that you're not making cash on the deal. Just so we're up front about that.)



Send 'em in to ASAP!

We REALLY REALLY REALLY need online comics!!! GOOD online comics, not your throwaway stuff. Trust me when I say, more people will see it online than in print.

Peace out!


Luke 19:11-26 What are YOU sitting on? Show us yer stuff!

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