3/08- MEGAZEEN: THE SCI-FI ISSUE is finally available! You can buy it here! 44 pages of sci-fi comeeky goodness from an all-star Megazeen cast!

2/08- MEGAZEEN PRESENTS ANGELDREAMS #2. Megazeen and Visionland Comics have made he inevitable partnership as the printing of Angeldreams #2 (and the reprint of issue 1) is picked up by Megazeen Print Services. Mark's longtime pet project is continuing to develop as a new art team has climbed on board. Buy it here.

1/08- It's a brand new year and Megazeen plans to return to a quarterly schedule, starting with MEGAZEEN: THE SCI-FI ISSUE, which will be available by February. Details later- preview of the cover HERE AND NOW.

12/07 MEGAZEEN PRESENTS: PEREGRINATION OF THE DELIVERER! With the long-awaited third issue finally arrived, Megazeen has reprinted the first issue into two volumes. This is Jaems Sutherland's finest work, and when we like stuff we support it.

10/07- The relaunch brought a flurry of requests for the complete run of Megazeen- so now, at long last, you and your friends can have the runs!!! Wait, that didn't come out right... wait, neither did that. Anyway, the MEGAPACK is back with the full set of Megazeen- the comics, the zines, the Con Specials, the whole shebang. This includes the rare, long-absent issues 3, 4 and the 2004 Con Special, "Makin' Comics", all of which you can also purchase seperately. We're that cool.

9/07- Obviously the BIG news here is the relaunch of the site. Ain't it skippy? We're digging our heels in kids- Megazeen is here to STAY. We're hoping that the new site will be a little easier to navigate and update. Easier to update means, well, more updates doesn't it? So YES, we're still alive, YES, we're still publishing and YES we're still taking submissions. Big ole thank you to Joshua for creating the new look. And did you see our little ad, with music by Apologetix, borrowed from KISS?

6/07- We made a special appearance at the Big Apple Con. You can read about it at my blog.

5/07-We're proud to announce the Megazeen of Failure! (To those of you that think that's redundant, we fart in your general direction). This is an amazing collection of Failure-themed comic by one of the best MZ artist collections to date. See details and buy your copy here.

5/07- FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Tom Hall (KING!, Enlightenment:The Devil You Know), Jesus Marquez (Santa Masquera, Live By the Sword), Keith Betancourt (Jesus Freaks), and Joe Endres (MZ editor-in-chief) were at New Moon Comics in Wayne on May 5. Proceeds from all our book sales, and donations for sketches, went to help one of our faithful readers, Brian, who has cancer. It was an amazingly successful day. The "Weird Guys" showed up as they do every year to try to stump Marquez with an impossible sketch. This year, it was "the Watcher watching himself in the mirror," and "Hellboy hitting on Jana the Wonder-Twin from Superfriends." Also in attendance was a 5'3" Stormtrooper from the 503rd division, who had to give out many, MANY citations since he was, in fact, "a little short to be a stormtrooper."

4/07-"The One-Page Issue" is coming up this summer (and no, it's NOT just one page!). Cover by Dean Rankine.

11/06- Who'd a thunk we'd have TWO huge announcements this month?!? First, the MEGAZEEN of HORROR is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world! You can purchase it here! Second- the MEGAZEEN TECHNICOLOR ISSUE is finally available after countless delays for the past 2 years. Originally printed in 2005 as a b&w zine, it's finally printed comic sized and in full color awesomeness!

6/06- In order to provide better service, and so we can focus on Megazeen itself, all store operations have moved to

4/06- MEGAZEEN artists once again make their mark by representing FIRST AND THIRD PLACE in the Comics Jam War!




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