Jaems Sutherland

Many years ago at the prize counter of an arcade, a young boy makes the toughest decision of his life. Candy or toys. After a quick tantrum he gets both. The candy is soon eaten, but the toy lasted for years to come. The boy and the little rubber figurine become fast friends, going on many adventures of danger, action, romance, and self made music videos. The boy, after threats from his older brother, realizes that his little friend and their adventures will not go on forever, they need to be cherished and preserved somehow. So the boy starts drawing, desperately trying to live the adventures on paper, for soon after it is promised, the day comes... the toy is flushed down the toilet by a bullying brother. But it is too late! The toy lives! In the imagination of a young boy, and in his sketchpad! He shows his drawings to everyone and tells the stories... but they suck.

That was in 1994. Inspired by my old rubber friend, I've always enjoyed cartoons with overly enhanced features, big expressive eyes, giant hair, etc. Which explains my love for the anime/manga style. After years of tracing my beloved big headed heroes out of the pages of comic books and off paused television screens, I proudly call myself a "self-taught cartoonist". I still think I suck, but to a far less degree. And for writing talents? Well, I get my dear friend Mr. Worthington to write for me. I still try though, to see me "trying" you can check out:


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Jaems drew the story "Depression" which appears in Megazeen 6.

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