John Hutchinson

I have always loved the art that goes into making comics. I knew when I was very young that that is what I wanted to do with my life. I want to be one of the creator's whose work is considered to be amongst the best. My influences are God, Joe Madureira, Paco Medina, the creator of Blade of the Immortal, and numerous movies and animated works. I am currently hard at work along with my partner in crime Mike Hatfield, completing our first book: The Bear King. Sinsight is my first real published work, I just wanted to show that a cool superhero could be done in way that is Christian themed and hopefully not cheesy. I hope I succeeded. Mike and I formed H2 Studios together to showcase our collaborations and love for the comics medium. Hopefully my career in the biz will be a long and meaningful one. I also hope that our wives don't kill me and Mike in the process. I currently live in Christiansburg, Virginia.

John's Sinsight appears in Megazeen #6.

Be sure to check out H2 Studios' jaw-dropping work in "The Bear King "!

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