Mike Hatfield

I live with my wife and two little ones in Southwest Virginia. I want to work in comics because they have been a part of my life as long as i can remember. I hope that my work will give someone the same kinda buzz that my influences' work gave and still give me. There are those guys that create stuff that is special, whose work is full of life. Have you ever picked up a book and saw a new artist in it that you just clicked with and said to yourself "Wow this guy has it!" That is what I want my work to do.

Some of my influences in the biz are: The Creator of All, God, Ed Mcguiness, Mike Mignola, Sam Kieth, John Romita Jr., Chris Bachalo, Paco Medina, Tim Townsend, pretty much anybody whose work I see and feel something afterwards. I also get inspired by music and movies.

I along with my bud John Hutchinson have formed H2 Studios. See ya in the funny pages!

Artist's Info
email: tokyostomper@yahoo.com
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