Joey Endres

Joe has been writing and drawing comics in some form since he was about six years old. His first published work was Cross Press Comics #1, a collaboration with Joseph Crossett. Joe does the superhero genre (Colossians, featuring the Manx), but lately has been leaning toward a more cartoony feel (Johnny Crouton, below, and Total Fools). He's also been a partner-in-crime radio DJ with Tom Hall (of "The Life of Fred" fame). Joe's a native New Jerseyan with an awesomely supportive wife, two daughters and two dogs he refers to as "Al Fido". Joe is also the webmaster, associate editor and a recruiter for the Megazeen!

Favorite Music while drawing: old Steve Taylor and Swirling Eddies, One Bad Pig, Tonio K, Weird Al, Lost Dogs, The Invisible Worship Band, Reliant K and They Might Be Giants

Favorite Comics: The Dark Knight Returns, Moonshadow, the original Elfquest series, the MAXX, Kingdom Come, Sam & Max Freelance Police, Fantastic Four, anything by Jamie Cosley. (By the way, my collection of 5000 books is for sale to support Megazeen! Write me for details.)

Other hobbies: making action figures, computer gaming (Galactic Battleground, anyone?) and hoops.

Artist's Info

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