Dave Contreras

I has a lovely pretty wife named Melissa who kisses my cheek sometimes and lets me chase her around the house; we have a 1 year old tiger-bear cub for a son named Caleb who actually growls!! No kidding. I wanted to name him Skeletor, but the wife wouldn't have it, so we decided that Caleb was just as good. Maybe one day we'll get a dog named Skeletor... sighhhh.

I'm a graphic designer here in Southern California. I love God, comics, drawing, sculpting, cold pizza, fish tacos, orange juice and body-boardng. I don't love getting kicked in my privates or punched in the face. Maybe one day I'll do comics full time and/or illustrate kids books and still have enough time to go to the beach and teach my son and wife to catch waves.

I doesn't have a degree in anything yet, but am pursuing an art degree from some college. I get inspiration from Calvin & Hobbes, The Tick, Mystery Men, anything sci-fi, life and horsin' around with my buddies. I am currently working on a couple of stories that I hope will grow up one day to become well rounded comics, but most of my work pretty much happens when it wants to and usually catches me off guard.

I also got my own website: www.thundercomics.com, but I'm incredibly slow so it will probably be a while before anything that resembles a page or a comic is up, but check back regularly cuz you never know, or e-mail me with any questions comments or smart remarks.

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email: thundercomics@hotmail.com
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